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Access your sports data anytime anywhere

With simply your iPhone to instantly capture advanced data no matter where you are.


Behind a good hitting

in baseball

The primary objective of baseball hitting is to hit the ball hard and place it in the right spot, making it difficult for opposing fielders to catch or handle. To do that, exit velocity, launch angle, and player's biomechanics are all essential contributing factors.

Carry a collection of all your swings with you

With just an iPhone and a tripod, you can obtain advanced swing data, including every perfect and imperfect swing, allowing you to review your progress at any time and enhance your athletic performance.

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Enhance performance Scientifically

With simply an iPhone, b4-app helps improve your athletic performance, prevent injuries, and record your progress data, allowing you to achieve optimal performance, and surpass your limits.

better baseball batting biomechanics

Exit velocity, launch angle, and key numbers

Capture astonishing moments of impact with industry-leading AI visual algorithms providing the most accurate key data and captivating visualization of advanced scientific data for training.


Swing Event


Exit Velocity,EV

Launch Angle, LA

Exit Velocity refers to the speed when the ball leaves the barrel during batting. Generally, the higher the exit velocity is, the better.

Biomechanics, Biomech.

Launch Angle refers to the angle between the trajectory of a batted ball and the horizon. Generally, there is an optimum range of launch angles which has a higher probability of being a hit. (about 15~35 degrees)

Normalized Movement refers to the relative positions of the player's biomechanical joints, including the trajectory of the head, the center of gravity, and the stride.

Stay tuned to your favorite athletes at all times

Do you have any favorite athletes? Stay updated on their status and explore their sports data together.


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